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What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is the modern form of Cycling Proficiency updated for the 21st Century. The scheme provides children and adults with the opportunity to undertake quality cycle training to ride safely and well on today’s roads. It is the trade mark for the National Standard and supersedes the old style cycle proficiency test.

Bikeability is the only Government approved and nationally recognised award for cycle training today.

Read more on the Bikeability site

The standard has been developed by over 20 organisations and is maintained by the professional body for cycle training The Cycle Training Standards Board

What will I require for my training?

All you will need is a roadworthy bike and suitable comfortable clothing, including a suitable cycling helmet.

We would strongly advise that you wear a suitable pair of cycling gloves.

In the interests of your safety for children, FXA will supply high visibility over vests for all cycle training. Adults should supply their own if required.

I don’t own a bike at the moment. Can you supply a bike for my training?

Yes, FXA have access to a small fleet of cycles which we can supply if required for your training.

I already cycle on the road. What will I achieve from your training?

FXA will provide you with a personal consultation to assess your current ability and any needs you may have.

It may be that all you require is to spend sometime training within Level 3 of the National Standards of Cycling which would assist you to cycle in more demanding traffic conditions.

I haven’t ridden a bike for many years and am worried about doing so. I also feel embarrassed about approaching you for training.

You are not alone. Lots of adults want to return to riding their bikes with exactly the same concerns.

Please be assured that our professional approach to each and every individual will ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy your training experience and very quickly gain in confidence.

I would like my child to be trained. Can I be present at the training sessions?

We actually encourage you to come along. You can also take part in the training which will have benefits to you all.

Will the training be too energetic for me or my children?

No. All training is delivered at a gentle pace that everyone can realistically achieve. Your cycling safety is our priority.

We like to cycle as a family group but find going on the road with the children spoils our enjoyment as we are constantly worrying about what they are doing.

We can offer you advice and together with some short periods of training you will very quickly be riding more safely within a family group.

My bike is not in good condition. Can you help me to make it roadworthy?

All our training requires students to complete a basic bike check before making any journey. Any minor faults on your bike can usually be quickly rectified at this time. Further practical advice on bike maintenance is available.

What qualifications do you have?

FXA Cycle Trainers deal with road safety and are all qualified as National Standard Cycling Instructors, accredited to deliver Level 1, 2 and 3 of this standard.

FXA Coaches have attained at least Level 2 of British Cycling’s certification programme and are qualified to plan and deliver sports specific group coaching sessions.

In addition, we all carry current first aid certifications, from either St John’s Ambulance or the Red Cross.

Can you tell me what the Criminal Records Bureau check is?

The Criminal Records Bureau or CRB Standard Check is a check done on adults work with children and vulnerable adults to see if they have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings held on the Police National Computer. It also checks against the following lists Protection of Children Act List, Protection of Vulnerable Adults List and the DfES under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002 people unsuitable or banned from working with children. A CRB Enhanced Check contains the same information as the Standard Check but with the addition of local police force information considered relevant by the Chief Police Officer.

The check is normally requested by an employer as they have a ‘duty of care’ to the people they offer services too.

A CRB certificate is updated every 4 years.

Do the Trainers and Coaches have these checks done?

All our instructors and coaches have been CRB checked and all currently have CRB Enhanced Check certificate. As an instructor working for FXA, it is mandatory to hold a current CRB and we would expect parents/guardians, school/establishment to ask to see our CRB certificates.

What does it cost?

Costs can vary depending on if you are a school or club, a company or corporation, or an individual looking to fund your own training – either way, we will always work with you to keep costs down and quality high! The link below will give you some idea of packages we offer. Usually, we tailor the package for your needs and then work out the cost. Contact us with your needs and we can let you know the cost quickly.




Our Packages


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