• Road and Time Trial Coaching
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    Dave George is currently running Road and Time Trial coaching sessions at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on Thursday evenings. This is aimed at intermediate riders who wish to improve their cycle skills, and to novice riders who wish to develop skills to start racing in a Time Trial or Road Race environment. The sessions are run by…

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  • Why Should I Cycle?
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    Simple – Cycling makes you fitter! A study of 6,000 schoolchildren in the east of England was published in the American College of Sports Medicine. It provides evidence that 10-16 year old boys who cycle regularly to school are 30% more likely to meet recommended fitness levels, while girls who cycle are 7 times more…

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  • What is the National Standard?
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    The National Standard for Cycle Training is a three tier training scheme to teach you how to cycle safety and confidently on the road with respect for other road users. The three different levels are as follows: Level 1 – conducted in a controlled environment away from roads and traffic. Cyclists are usually trained in groups…

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