What do we do?

What do we do?

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Whatever your age, ability or background Cycle training offers something for everyone – whether you cannot ride a bike at all, are returning to cycling after a break or are a regular cyclist who wants to develop their skills further.

Historically cycle training was only available to children and was operated by Local Authorities in schools. Now cycling and road safety organisations have joined together with the Department for Transport and Cycling England to create a new National Standard for Cycle Training. This includes training for adults as well as children; it is road based with real traffic scenarios under safe supervision. High quality training from fully qualified and accredited instructors will develop competent and confident cyclists who have the skills to safely manage all road and traffic conditions.

We offer a mentoring service for adults looking to cycle to work. We can help you plan routes to and from work that will help you gain confidence. We can cycle with you to offer advice and company until you become confident on your own.

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