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Author Topic: Peter Young Memorial Road Race 2015  (Read 3680 times)
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« on: March 17, 2015, 01:04:35 AM »

I want to thank everyone who gave their time to help.

After quite a lot of worry, particularly the threat of more road works, this year's race was a success, going off without a hitch.

We should all be aware that although my name is shown everywhere as organiser, it would really be more accurate to describe me as 'secretary to the organiser' who was, in reality, Jeff. The club owes a huge debt to Jeff for his work, over a great many years, on this race which has been an important factor in giving us a presence at national level.

Even though I may only have been the secretary, I found the demands of my job so great that I have been unable to do a proper report. Fortunately, however, some one else was there to take this role and here is his work:

You will note that the winner lives in Addlestone, so could be said to be within the club's current catchment area. It's frustrating that it seems there was zero chance that he would be riding for us.

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